Run comprehensive tests of IT solutions not available for classic automation tools

PATT is the world’s first native platform for all aspects of automated testing of the FIS Profile system. Our proprietary solution is also suitable for automated testing of other systems and applications.

Create and run end-to-end tests

Unlike classic software testing solutions, PATT (Profile Automated Testing Tool) combines the advantages of manual and automated testing.

The platform allows running classic automated tests in the test bed and verifies data validity. PATT supports both development and functional testing. The platform can also be used e.g. for unit, integration or acceptance tests.

Easy operation and configuration

The application defines commands in the natural language, and offers a user-friendly interface.

The platform is fully configurable and complies to the strictest security standards. Its communication is supported by the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services, Remote Procedural Code, API and SQL.

The result of years of experience

PATT is the fruit of many years’ worth of cooperation between our experts and a number of banking sector institutions.

The needs of our clients have chartered new areas of application for PATT, going beyond automated testing. Following a deploy of the ISO8583 standard, enabling the ATM messages support, the platform has proven itself as a generator of mass card transactions, simulating communication between ATM/POS and the core system.

It also supports data farming (clients/accounts/transactions/account life cycle) for the purpose of banking test environments.

Interested in the possibilities offered by PATT? For more details and a Proof of Concept for your project, contact us.

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