Activate banking data in real time.
Create new Data-Driven Banking business models.

Payres is a proprietary business application for banks to leverage the data exchanged between the core system and the bank’s other IT tools. Our solution engages the data in real-time and is fully automated.

The collected data can be put to further use, e.g. for advanced reporting purposes, or to trigger business rules executed by external systems. With Payres, the data that were previously just stored and processed two-dimensionally, now are leveraged multi-dimensionally. From the moment they enter the system, the data is exploited in real time, creating added value for your bank.

Payres adapts to the needs of individual bank departments, various customer service models and communication channels. Based on the activated banking data, by setting tailored business rules, you can create a complex customer profile to be used for personalized customer communication.

use case 1

The customer pays with a card in the bank’s partner store. The salesperson doesn’t have to remember about the due discount as usual. With Payres, it is calculated automatically, based on the data available in the banking systems. What is more, historical transaction data will allow offering a debit or ask about the customer’s purchase experience.

use case 2

The customer reports damage to their insurance company. Payres allows automatic notifications of each stage of the application processing. Based on the newly reported and historical data, the insurer can quickly and efficiently determine the customer’s compensation eligibility. When all approvals have been confirmed, cash is transferred straight into the client’s bank account.

use case 3

The customer pays with a card and receives a text message prompting them to support their favorite charity with a 1% equivalent of the purchase. The client orders the transfer and instantly receives a thank you email or text from the organization.

Interested in learning more about Payres and its features? Contact us today and request an online presentation.

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