Hear the voice of the client and employee. Offer banking solutions designed in line with real needs.

Startquestion is a platform supporting the Voice of the Customer and Employee. It collects and analyzes bulk feedback, in real time, using intuitive online tools. This solution allows financial sector players to understand their clients in a better way and as a consequence, respond quickly to their needs.

Are you listening for real?

Inadequate diagnosis, based on bulk surveys, doesn’t allow for a reliable answer to the question of why your customers jump ship. Nowadays, customer retention is a real challenge for financial institutions. Given that the modern consumer is twice as likely to share negative feedback than a positive one*, a dissatisfied client becomes a particular image risk for the bank. However, this can also be an opportunity.

VoC is the foundation for designing modern banking products and services. On this journey, it’s not enough to simply ask questions at random, based on customer databases. The point is to create active listening opportunities that will truly personalize your questions.

Do you know at what point your customer is delighted with the service? What makes them consider changing their bank immediately? You will obtain the answers only by accompanying the customer in what they are doing.

* Research by the Marketing Department of the Kozminski University.

Capture emotions in real-time

As a consortium, CCA, NTT and Startquestion support banks in following the complex path of customer emotions. Our solution allows for collecting the feelings of customers in real time when they are genuine.

Thanks to an in-depth understanding of banking, we identify the right moments in customer interaction and create a path between banking applications and the feedback analysis tools. This allows accompanying your customers exactly when using your bank’s products and services triggers both positive and negative emotions. For you, this means constructive and honest feedback.

Reach real sources of problems and pains of your customers. Defuse negative emotions before it’s too late. Now you can react based on real-time data and draw conclusions for the future.

How does it work?

Our solution both aggregates feedback and offers advanced online analytical instruments. A questionnaire is dispatched following specific events registered by the banking applications integrated with the platform.

The client receives a personalized survey immediately after the operation. You ask them for feedback before they even exit the currently used application.

The process of implementing Startquestion is short and cost-effective. The solution puts minimal load on the system architecture and is deployed at modest cost. More information about the tool on the Startquestion’s page.

CCA helps banks listen to customers

As part of the consortium, we deploy, integrate and modify the Startquestion platform. We adapt the solution to specific requirements and add new functionalities.

Want to know more about the possibilities of web applications we design? For detailed information and to order a PoC, please contact us via the form.

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