Our FIS PROFILE integration expertise got us the top mark at Clutch. The complimentary review by ING highlighted our cultural proximity and adaptability.

ING’s development projects, operations and day-to-day customer service-related tickets are handled in the Shared Services Center for IT in Bucharest, Romania. Besides the day to day activities and changes, the client’s main program was Model Bank, to unify ING’s product offer by improving payment and customer service processes in several countries.

Our task was to implement integrated solutions based on FIS PROFILE in those countries while maintaining standards and flow of service in the remote work model. We aimed for easy scalability and cost-cutting.

Working mainly remotely from Wrocław, we have supported ING Group’s IT SSC in 5 implementation projects, carried out for 4 different countries. The project team included subteams of 20 people, supported by 2-3 members from CCA Europe.pl. The contingent from CCA Europe.pl most often acted as business consultants, but also developers or testers.

“We believe CCA Europe.pl demonstrated flexibility and high levels of business and technical knowledge of Fis Profile, which allowed them to transfer project requirements into functionalities of the system. Cultural proximity and adaptability allowed the team to blend in seamlessly, practically with no onboarding period required. In fact, they seemed like a part of the team ever since. Members of CCA Europe.pl are known for their responsiveness and responsibility. They always deliver on time, and the occasional overtime was never a problem,” wrote Constantin Spiridon, IT Area Lead for Core Banking within ING Tech Romania.

Read the full case study here.

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